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Nisbet Scripture Study Tapes

Welcome to the N.S.S.T. website!

Are you searching for resources to aid in your study of the Scriptures?

Nisbet Scripture Study Tapes provides CDs, digital files, audio cassettes, and printed materials
by Fr. Jim Nisbet, a renowned speaker, Catholic priest and Biblical scholar.
In addition to verse-by-verse study media, we offer selections on
the seasons of the Church, Sacraments, history of the Bible and spiritual growth.

Fr. Jim Nisbet presents the Scriptures in simple terms with factual information.
He shares the meaning of each verse in practical language, always with Scripture as the basis.

Nisbet Scripture Study Tapes is committed to providing individuals and groups with relevant Bible study aides.
Keeping in sync with this mission, we are excited to offer additional resources for Scriptural reflection.

Be blessed by the insight that Fr. Jim Nisbet has to offer in his commentaries.

May GOD continue to enrich your spiritual growth!