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Nisbet Scripture Study Tapes

Fr. Jim Nisbet

Father Jim Picture Teaching Scripture is Fr. Jim Nisbet's favorite ministry both at home in California
and abroad. During his 40 years of parish ministry and continuing in his retirement,
Fr. Jim teaches parishioners, prisoners, seminarians, and university students.
A much requested speaker, he has brought his Scriptural insights, factual information,
and humor to workshops and conferences on four continents.

Students credit this popularity to his bringing Bible texts to life, making places,
customs, and historical events real and their significance modern. Sharing his faith life
helps students grow in their own.

Besides his formal education at Universities of San Diego, St. Paul in Ottawa, and
the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Fr. Jim draws on some special resources:

He presents the Bible as a book of visions, rather than a book of concepts, which opens new understanding for all.