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Nisbet Scripture Study Tapes

"Your Bible Study" Club

Boost your faith in spiritual knowledge!
Reflecting on The Word of GOD is a healthy habit for nurturing your spiritual growth.

Whether you commute, cut grass, wash dishes, or sit alone on the patio in the quiet of the day,
commentaries on the Bible with Fr. Jim can become part of your study routine.
Receive (4) audio CDs or (4) mp3 files on CD each month
in a featured book of the Bible.
Recorded from regular local parish studies, these sessions are distributed to members prior to public release.

$19 (audio CDs) or $14 (mp3-CDs) per month includes shipping and handling.
Regular bonus and special discounts are shared annually. Annual pre-payments receive a full month free.

As a member of Your Bible Study Club, you are among the first to know what is going on
with NSST and Fr. Jim Nisbet through updates and quarterly newsletters.

Some of the books of the Bible we have completed in our journey as Club members:

Join us in our current study, The Book of Revelation

For your convenience, monthly deductions from your credit card account may also be established.
Or you may choose to pay each month when your package is received - check, money order, or credit card account.

Join your ears with ours and open up your heart to the Fire of GOD's Word!

You may send an email directly to or call our office 408.241.4979 at anytime.